“#USorELSE”: Amidst Controversy, Diddy and T.I. Voice Support for Jay-Z’s Partnership with the NFL While Still Backing Colin Kaepernick

Pictured: (left to right) Diddy; Jay-Z; T.I.

JAY-Z’s recent alignment with the National Football League has created division among fans and peers alike. But apparently, Diddy doesn’t see any reason why everyone can’t support both Colin Kaepernick and the Roc Nation mogul.

During a recent Twitter spree, Diddy praised Jay and vowed to back the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback at the same time.

“Hov is one of the greatest to ever do it, he has been there more than anybody from the hip hop culture, including me,” Diddy wrote. “He’s always been so selfless and fights for other people. We as a people can not be divided and conquered at this time!!

“I’m so proud of @Kaepernick7 and the attention he was able to bring and the efforts he continues to make. I’ll continue to support him in every way possible.”

Diddy — who wanted to buy the Carolina Panthers in 2017 — added he was “proud” of his “brother” Hov and insisted he was going to do “some incredible things.” He also noted this was not the time to butt heads.

“I was just watching everything last week but it hurt me to my heart because I know this man personally,” he continued. “He’s one of the most genuine and intelligent black leaders we’ve ever had. We cannot go against each other, there’s not enough of us.”

He added, “I applaud Jay Z and I applaud the NFL for bringing him in. This isn’t just about the NFL, it’s about how black and brown people are treated daily across this country. We have to come together and make the hard decisions, nobody is going to do it for us.”

Finally, Diddy wrapped up his Twitter commentary by applauding those, like Kaepernick and Hov, who are taking steps toward change.

“I believe in taking action, taking steps towards the right direction and I support all my brothers that are out here taking ACTION,” he said. “Together we are unstoppable. #BLACKEXCELLENCE!! Happy Monday!! Be Great!!!”

T.I. shared similar sentiments via Instagram on Monday (August 26) and stressed the importance of unity.

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SOURCE: HipHopDX – Kyle Eustice