Michael Brown on The Church Must Do Better When It Comes to Dealing With Scandals

Todd Bentley (Facebook/Todd Bentley)

The internet is burning up with news of yet another scandal in the church, this time with serious accusations against charismatic evangelist Todd Bentley. What is God saying to His people through this current crisis?

Regarding Todd’s situation, I have no specific comment, since: 1) I have not supported him being in ministry since his divorce and remarriage in 2008, and I am on public record to that effect. 2) I have no connection of any kind to Todd and his ministry. (I also disagreed publicly with the way other leaders handled things in Lakeland, where Todd became prominent.)

But, after prayer and reflection, I do believe there are important things to share that are applicable beyond this current, alleged scandal.

First, this is not the time to throw stones at charismatics, as some non-charismatic critics have been quick to do. To be sure, we charismatics have done a very poor job of self-policing, which is a major reason I wrote the book Playing with Holy Fire. And, to be sure, we have had more than our share of sexual scandals. (Note that I write “we” and “our” as a charismatic myself. I will gladly point the finger within my own circles.)

At the same time, there have been similar scandals in the Southern Baptist Convention, in non-charismatic, reformed circles, and, of course, in Catholic circles and beyond.

In light of this, we should examine ourselves carefully, in the fear of the Lord.

Are we living righteously before God? Are you? Am I? Are we conducting ourselves in purity?

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SOURCE: Charisma New