Letter to a Wounded Pastor

By Darryl Dash

Dear Wounded Pastor,

Thank you for your ministry.

It may not seem like it right now, but God has used you. I know this because God uses the kinds of things you’ve done — preaching the Word, praying for your people, caring for sheep, calling people to worship — to make an eternal difference. We often don’t get to see the results of our ministries, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

I know you’re not perfect. I’m sure you’ve made mistakes. I know you’re a wounded pastor. But I want to remind you of a few things today. I hope it encourages you.

Dear Wounded Pastor: You’re Not Alone

Feeling rejected and beat up? Isaiah was warned about this kind of thing (Isaiah 6:9-10). Jesus’ family called him crazy (Mark 3:21). Everyone deserted Paul (2 Timothy 4:16). They fired Jonathan Edwards. Join the club.

I know it doesn’t make it much easier, but you’re not alone. Many of God’s best servants have been there. You’re in very good company.

Dear Wounded Pastor: We Are Not Our Ministries

I know we know this, but I forget often: we are not our ministries. In The Imperfect Pastor, Zack Eswine asks, “Did I know that I could serve Christ humanly and significantly whether or not I was a pastor or leader in ministry?”

Your worth doesn’t come from how well your ministry is going. Again, I believe this, but I don’t. Our value in God’s eyes is based on Jesus, not the ups and downs of our ministries. Your primary identity is that of son, and that identity is not in danger.

Rest secure. The most important thing about you is unchangeable (Romans 8:38-39). Rest in his love for you. It hasn’t changed.

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Source: Church Leaders