Church in Austin, Texas, Finds New Building After a Year of Protests From LGBT Advocates

Celebration Church, a multisite church in Austin, Texas, will no longer be renting from the Austin Independent School District (AISD). LGBTQ activists have been protesting during Sunday services since the church started meeting at the Mueller Performing Arts Center last year. Now, the church is celebrating the purchase of a permanent location for its Mueller Campus, and LGBTQ activists are hailing the move as a victory.

“Celebration Church has entered into a purchase agreement to buy a building in the Koenig Lane area,” the church told The Austin Chronicle in a statement. “The growth of our congregation has allowed for this opportunity and we are very excited to have a permanent home for our Mueller Campus.”

Goodbye, Austin Independent School District

According to the Chronicle, Celebration pastor, Jim Kuykendall, told protest organizer Candace Aylor on August 18th that the church would no longer be renting the performing arts center. Celebration confirmed this decision for the Chronicle on August 19th and also clarified it would not be seeking in the future to rent any of the facilities the AISD owns.

Aylor told the Chronicle that the church’s decision was a result of the protestors’ “consistent, persistent, and collaborative” campaign. In a press release, she said, “This was the goal, getting bigots out of public spaces. It goes against our closely held beliefs to abide bigotry & oppression, especially when openly, publicly permitted.”

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Source: Church Leaders