AMG International’s Nursing College Trains Nurses and Meets Physical and Spiritual Needs in Africa

The World Health Organization says 81 new Ebola cases emerge each week in the Congo, making this outbreak the second largest in history. Of the 2,765 confirmed Ebola cases, 1,808 people lost their lives.

Ebola presents a massive public health threat for neighboring Uganda. AMG International has yet to encounter any Ebola cases at its medical clinic and nursing school in Bugongi, Uganda.

However, the outbreak does “highlight the need for medical care in the area, and specifically for nurses,” says AMG’s Bill Passons. There’s a severe shortage of nurses and medical clinics in remote communities.

“Nurses are the first line of defense whenever we see one of these crisis come up because most people don’t have access to doctors.”

Witch doctors or which doctor?

Tribal tradition is another major threat to public health, especially in remote communities like Bugongi. Parents trust witch doctors more than a real doctor. Additionally, if the family lacks access to a medical facility, witch doctors become their only option.

“There is a grip, this spiritual warfare… they use their influence and intimidation to control people,” Passons says, referring to the witch doctors. “It’s something we interact with on a regular basis.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth