Wow! USA Today Makes a Chicken Sandwich Bracket which Allows Twitter Users to Vote On Which Restaurant Has the Best Chicken Sandwich

Eight chicken sandwich makers entered, four clucked away with a victory and spot in the second round of USA TODAY’s Chicken Sandwich Bracket.

In honor of the fierce competition online between fast food chains over who boasts the best chicken sandwich, we created the bracket so readers could vote on Twitter for who should rule the roost.

In round one, the top seed Chick-fil-A easily took down Burger King in its matchup over best chicken sandwich, capturing 91% of the vote. Popeyes, whose latest chicken sandwich first ruffled all our feathers, has reason to cluck after taking 86% of the vote over McDonald’s.

Third-seeded Wendy’s captured nearly three-fourths of the vote in defeating Shake Shack, while KFC overcame Bojangles in our closest vote of the round: 60% to 40%.

Let’s take a look at round two:

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SOURCE: USA Today, Brett Molina