WATCH: Oprah and Gayle Ought to be Ashamed of Themselves Openly Talking About a Handsome Man Was a “Snack”; He Was “Whole Lunch and Dinner”; “He Was a Buffet” While Talking About a Show That Helped Start The Me Too Movement

C’mon, Oprah and Gayle. If Morgan Freeman and Matt Lauer were sitting up there on camera saying that a beautiful woman was a “snack,” ” a real snack,” “my entire lunch and dinner,” ” a meal,” and “a whole buffet” all hell would break loose and they would be sued, lose their careers, and hauled into court for sexual harassment.

Now, girls (and I can call you girls because I’m older than both of ya’ll), I know you didn’t mean no harm. I know how it feels to be hungry for a man. I’m a woman, too. But y’all sound like some hungry alligators.

By the way, where is Stedman? Is he no longer a “snack”?

Anyway, to Oprah’s credit, she did shut it down when it was getting out of hand.

NOTE: One of the nightly entertainment shows had this clip of Oprah and Gayle connected to a preview of the upcoming Apple TV series The Morning Show starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell on .

–Ella Breedlove