Ohio Supreme Court Rejects Abortion Clinic’s Appeal to Stay Open Without Hospital Admitting Privileges

The Ohio Supreme Court rejected an abortion clinic’s argument that it should be able to remain open without hospital admitting privileges.

In an announcement released Wednesday, the state’s highest court voted 4-3 to decline to take up an appeal in the case of Women’s Medical Center of Dayton v. State of Ohio Department of Health.

At issue was the state’s refusal to renew the Women’s Medical Center’s ambulatory surgical facility license due to the abortion clinic failing to get a transfer agreement with a hospital.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Executive Director Kellie Copeland denounced the Ohio Supreme Court’s refusal to take up the challenge, but said in a statement that they will keep trying to get the agreement.

“This clinic is still open, and abortion is available in Dayton for those who need it,” stated Copeland, as reported by the Dayton Daily News.

Ohio Right to Life President Michael Gonidakis celebrated the high court’s decision, stating that he believed the Women’s Medical Center should close.

“Every surgical facility in the state of Ohio is required to have a transfer agreement which protects women’s health. There are no loopholes for abortion clinics,” stated Gonidakis, as reported by The Columbus Dispatch.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski