Just Because a Person’s Social Media is Happy and Upbeat Does Not Mean That the Person is Happy and Upbeat. Was Marsha Edwards, the Woman Who Allegedly Killed Her Two Adult Children and Herself, Saying Goodbye Through All the ‘Happy’ Social Media Posts?

Funeral services for three family members killed in an apparent murder-suicide will take place next week simultaneously at a prominent church in Atlanta, Cascade United Methodist Church.

Police say Marsha Edwards, 58, shot and killed her 20-year-old daughter Erin, 24-year-old son Chris and then took her own life Wednesday. The family had connections to Atlanta City Hall and Morehouse College.

It’s a story that begs the question of why. And it’s a question that may never get answered.

The social media of Marsha Edwards is bursting with smiling photos of her and her two children – daughter Erin, a Boston University scholar – and son Chris, a worker in the office of Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.  There appear to be no obvious signs of impending violence or suicide.

Two weeks ago, Thursday,August 8, Marsha Edwards posted pictures of herself with her son Chris at an event in Miami they’d attended together.

Three days later, August 11. Marsha Edwards posted photos of herself with her daughter Erin.  It was the start of what appears to have been an eight-day visit to Italy – pictures in Venice, Pisa and concluding Monday August 19 with the Vatican in Rome.

The following day, Tuesday August 20, they were in Atlanta.  Erin Edwards had dinner with her father Dr. Christopher Edwards, who’d been married to Erin’s mother. Erin was due to go to Boston the next day to return to college.

Wednesday August 21, Chris Edwards failed to show up for work at his job at Atlanta City Hall.  His supervisor called her dad.

That same day, Dr. Edwards tried repeatedly to reach his son, daughter and ex-wife. When he couldn’t he asked a relative to call Cobb County police. Dr. Edwards met police at his ex-wife condo, at what they learned was a crime scene.

Within that timeline, the violence, the suicide, seemed inexplicable.

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Source: 11Alive