Christian Refugee Students in Myanmar Take Action to Help Monsoon Victims

In Myanmar, monsoon rains have led to a landslide, killing at least 51 people and reportedly leaving dozens more missing. It’s believed to be the deadliest natural disaster to hit the country’s southeast in decades, according to World Magazine.

Christian Freedom International reports that across the border in Thailand, refugee students at Christian Freedom International’s school swung into action. A village in Karen state – an area that many Christians had fled from Myanmar’s brutal military – had called for help.

The ministry says monsoons in Myanmar flooded local towns and have caused landslides. At least 51 people are dead, and 105,000 have been displaced. It is possibly the deadliest natural disaster in the region in decades.

A CFI team left early morning for Myanmar and each member was chosen for specific talents. A Victory Bible Academy graduate with experience in flood relief and construction joined the team.

One village elder said flood water has risen, forcing the evacuation of 90 homes. A Primary school was abandoned and the students all moved to the local community centre.

The ministry said one CFI team went as far as they could by truck, and then transferred to boats. Once in the village they found 90 families without access to food and water.

“The goal was to bring joy to the children through games, and songs while others transport supplies with fellow Christians from Thailand,” the ministry said in an update.

The ministry said one complication in the area is that the Burmese military stopped the resupply team. “After debate on who the supplies were for, one CFI team member was sent back to Thailand. He didn’t have proper paperwork, but thankfully the military allowed the CFI team to continue on.”

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SOURCE: Assist News