Bill High on What Did Jesus Think About Wealth?

Consider how the economic status of Jesus of Nazareth might have shaped his view of wealth. Born in a borrowed stable, he spent some early years as a refugee in a neighboring country and then grew up in a downscale Galilean village. Jesus then left his trade to become an itinerant teacher to his people. He died with no material possessions whatsoever.

You might think that his views of wealth would tend toward the negative end of the spectrum.

But Jesus was anything but predictable. He seemed to shock and scandalize friend and foe alike by the things he said. So what did Jesus actually teach about wealth?

Jesus and Wealth: 4 Points

1.     He didn’t condemn wealth or condone it.
We see this in his actions. One great thing about Jesus is that he hung out with rich and poor alike. He had dinner with the wealthy, the elite, the poor and the social outcasts.

2.     He warned about the deceitfulness of wealth.
Remember the rich young ruler? He told him to sell everything that he had, and the man went away sorrowful. His riches impeded his pursuit of God and provided false hope. Is it any wonder that Jesus said it would be hard for the rich to enter the Kingdom (Matt. 19.23)?

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Bill High