At Least 150 Eritrean Christians Have Been Arrested Over the Past Two Months in Government Crackdown

Christian women from Ethiopia and Eritrea sing during the Sunday mass at the makeshift church in the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp near Calais, France. Thousands of Christians have fled Eritrea.Reuters

At least 150 Eritrean Christians were arrested by government officials during the last two months, with some of them held in an underground prison made up of tunnels.

World Watch Monitor reports the most recent arrests occurred August 18 when Eritrean security officials detained 80 Christians from Godayef, an area near the airport of the capital, Asmara. They were taken to a police station and have been held there ever since, a local source told World Watch Monitor.

Four days later, on August 22, the United Nations observed its first annual commemoration of victims of religiously motivated violence. “On this day, we reaffirm our unwavering support for the victims of violence based on religion and belief. And we demonstrate that support by doing al in our power to prevent such attacks and demanding that those responsible are held accountable,” said UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

World Watch Monitor said Eritrea’s government current clampdown on Christians began June 23 when Eritrean security officials arrested 70 members of the Faith Mission Church of Christ, in Eritrea’s second city, Keren.

The church’s members, among them 35 women and 10 children, were taken to Ashufera prison, 25kms from the city.

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SOURCE: Assist News