Ahead of 30th Harvest Crusade, Greg Laurie Says the Church Needs to ‘Engage in Unified Prayer and Public Proclamation of the Gospel’ for America to See Revival

SoCal Harvest is coming to the Angel Stadium of Anaheim on Aug. 23-25. The free, three-day crusade event will be streamed online on Facebook LiveYouTube Live, Apple TVCBN and through various broadcast and streaming services. To learn more about SoCal Harvest, visit https://harvest.org/socal-harvest-2019.

Charisma News interviewed Greg Laurie about the event. Read the questions and responses below:

What are you expecting the Holy Spirit to do in this upcoming SoCal event?

Honestly, we are expecting and praying for the same thing we did 30 years ago: that people will come into a saving, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. From the very beginning, Harvest wasn’t about the music or the preaching, per se. It was about the Gospel, which is as relevant today as it was 30 years ago and even 2,000 years ago. In fact, I believe the Gospel has never been more relevant for America. Studies show that Americans today are more hopeless, anxious and worried than ever before. Suicide levels and drug addiction are at record highs. People are not finding the answers to life’s deepest questions in drugs, sex, money, fame or anything else this world has to offer. The meaning, hope and peace they are looking for can only be found in the Gospel—and if you come to SoCal Harvest, you will hear it.

What are some obstacles you’ve had to overcome in getting this event going?

Putting a crusade on once, let alone 30 years in a row, is no easy task. There are a million moving parts to it, and anything at any moment can go wrong. For example, over the years we have had unexpected power outages, flooding, a stage sinkhole and even a skunk that invaded the field! We have also had other kinds of problems, such as pushback from officials, picketers and activists who have tried to hinder our crusades. Most significantly, putting these events on puts us right in the middle of a spiritual battle. This only causes us to depend on God even more. You fight spiritual battles with spiritual weapons (Eph. 6). Through all these interruptions, God has helped us make sure the Gospel message is still presented, year after year, decade after decade. We have seen more than 500,000 come on the field and make professions of faith over the last three decades. I also want to say that we have an incredible team that works tirelessly and goes way over and beyond to make each crusade a success, and I believe God has blessed the work of our hands.

What do Christians need to do to see revival erupt in California?

Without fail, every revival movement has included these two elements: unified prayer and public proclamation of the Gospel. Unfortunately, these two have been largely lacking in the American church as of late. Too many Christians see sharing the Gospel as optional and prayer as their last resort, when it should be the other way around: evangelism is the calling of the church and prayer is our first resort. The church needs to recapture these two elements if we want to see revival in California and America.

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SOURCE: Charisma News