Lev Bure Explains the Importance of Spending Time with God to Social Media Followers

Candace Cameron Bure and son Lev, 19, following his sermon delivered this weekend at Shepherd Church. (Facebook/Candace Cameron Bure)

Candace Cameron Bure’s 19-year-old son, Lev Bure, explained the importance of spending time with God to social media followers while he was on a road trip.

One follower asked, “Any advice for how to trust God/ grow a relationship w[ith] Jesus?”

Bure responded, “I love this question because it was something I always thought about and still do. Just like a relationship with anyone, you spend time with them. Spend time alone with God and His Word. What hit me hard, was when someone told me: If you don’t spend time with God, how do you expect to build a relationship with Him?”

Another one of Bure’s follower’s asked, “Was there a time where you really ‘NEEDED’ God?”

“I was actually going to find an example for this question, but then I thought: When is there a time when we don’t need Him? We desperately need Him in every aspect of our lives,” Bure said.

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SOURCE: Movieguide, Tess Farrand