28 Students Get Sick at Georgia Middle School After Eating Candy from Food Bank

Several students were sickened after eating candy in Butts County on Friday, sending one to the hospital.

Police confirmed in an exclusive interview with 11Alive that as many as 28 students ingested the candy at Henderson Middle School.

The school is located off George Tate Drive in Jackson, Ga.

The candy was originally suspected to be THC-laced but investigators have nearly ruled that theory out.

The hospitalized student’s urine was tested and no drugs were detected. They said they believed the candy was crushed Jolly Ranchers, and that the original bag was recovered after serving a search warrant at another student’s home.

The Butts County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook that the food came from a food bank.

“Scientific evidence has shown that the candy IS NOT infused with any narcotic or THC. Investigation revealed this candy was picked up at a food bank in Hampton, Georgia. The candy could be possibly contaminated causing an illness when ate. Again there was no wrong doing on any child involved.”

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SOURCE: 13WMAZ, Jason Braverman