What’s Going on? Elderly White Man Yells at Black Postal Service Employee in Dallas, Texas Saying ‘Give Me the Form Nigger’

An elderly white man in Texas has been caught on camera hurling racial slurs at a black U.S. Postal Service employee all because he wasn’t given a form.

The video was filmed by a shocked customer who was standing in line behind the man at the USPS in North Dallas on Monday.

The man could be heard screaming ‘give me the form’ repeatedly before he launched into his shocking profanity-laced rant at the employee.

‘Give me the form you fool. Give me the form you a**hole, you f**king j******. Give me the f**king form,’ he screamed.

‘Give me the form you f**king n****r.’

A number of customers waiting in line could be heard gasping at the man’s racial slurs.

The employee could be heard speaking to police while the man was mid-rant and urging them to come to the store.