Jerry Wiles On Marketplace Evangelism

Discovery Groups and Prayer Gatherings, Anytime, Anywhere

Many of those who are new to the Orality domain are still thinking about a foreign mission strategy.  Some may think of storytelling or Bible storying.  However, the concepts, principles and practices of Orality are beginning to be recognized as important in many other areas, including the marketplace and the business world.

Orality in Business

Within the Orality in Business Network there’s a growing awareness and recognition of its benefits in a variety of applications.  Orality methods are effective ways of improving working relationships and community, addressing organizational change, leadership and maintaining corporate culture.  Storytelling, guided discovery, action learning and narrative skills are also becoming popular topics for communications, public speaking, sales and marketing.

Ministry in the Marketplace

In addition to benefiting the Business as Mission, or Missional Business efforts, there are other aspects and applications of Orality methods and strategies.  Marketplace ministries and marketplace evangelism are areas that have become important topics over the past few decades.  Houston, Texas, was the host city for a World Congress for Marketplace Evangelism in 1994.  That event converged with an AD 2000 Consultation, which resulted in launching several new ministry initiatives, and many of those have continued since then.

On Mission with God

Not every follower of Jesus is part of the business community.  However, almost everyone is engaged in some way in the marketplace.  Most people go shopping from time to time, buy things and deal with sales and marketing people.  All of those occasions can be witness and ministry opportunities.  Coming to an awareness that every follower of Jesus is (or should be) “On Mission with God,” means that every day, wherever we happen to be, we are ambassadors for Christ, representatives of Jesus.  Every human contact can be an opportunity to be salt and light to those around us.

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SOURCE: Assist News, Jerry Wiles