Sudanese Woman Converts to Christianity After Local Church Helps Rebuilds Her Home

A Sudanese woman has given her life to Jesus after being helped by a group of compassionate Christians.

A native of the war-torn South Sudan region, “Abuk” had nowhere else to turn after her house was destroyed in a fire. Stuck with four children with no safe place to lay their heads, the desperate woman was ready to give up hope.

“When my house burned down, I used to sleep here on the floor with my children in my arms,” she told Samaritan’s Purse. “I didn’t take them anywhere. I was discouraged, hopeless and crying. I had no resources of my own to build a new house, and I had nobody else to help me.”

But when a local church heard of the woman’s dreadful predicament, they immediately stepped in to help, displaying the love of God in a practical way.

“We found Abuk at the house where it burned, raised the issue with the members of the church and joined hands to build the house,” explained Rev. Daniel Lual of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan.

Abuk said that she was overwhelmed with the church’s kindness to her at such a difficult time, noting that the charity displayed by these Jesus followers had a profound impact on her spiritual journey. “The people of God comforted me, for I was devastated and hopeless,” she said. “So I turned to God and placed my trust in Him.”

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Source: Christian Headlines