North Carolina County Declares Itself a ‘Sanctuary for the Unborn’

A North Carolina county Monday became the nation’s first sanctuary county “for the unborn” when its board of commissioners passed a resolution recognizing the “dignity of every human being” from conception.

The resolution by the Yadkin County Board of Commissioners made the county the first in the nation to become a sanctuary county for the unborn, although towns and cities have made similar declarations.

Yadkin County is about one hour north of Charlotte and has a population of 37,000. Its county seat is Yadkinville.

“The Yadkin County Board of Commissioners,” the resolution says, “hereby recognizes and declares the full humanity of the preborn child and declares Yadkin County to be a sanctuary for the preborn where the dignity of every human being will be defended and promoted from conception or fertilization through all stages of development.”

The resolution further says a plaque will be placed on the grounds of the county government declaring the county to be a “Sanctuary for Pre-born Children.”

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Source: Christian Headlines