‘Mission Cry’ Donates Two Shipping Containers of Bibles, Christian Books to South Sudanese Christians

In South Sudan, owning a Christian book or even a Bible has been difficult for many believers dealing with uncertainty, persecution, and the trauma of civil war. This month, 45,000 copies arrived through Mission Cry.

Renew, Reuse, Recycle

Mission Cry distributed two shipping containers worth of used Bibles, seminary materials, and Christian books earlier this month. These materials were donated to strengthen South Sudanese Christians by fellow believers thousands of miles away.

“These people are hoping and asking and believing that they could have a Bible, something that they can afford. And they want a Bible, they want a Christian book, even if it’s used. And if they can get a used Bible or a Christian book, then that’s going to change their life,” says Jason Woolford of Mission Cry.

Since 1956 Mission Cry has been distributing used Christian literature around the world.

In South Sudan, Woolford is partnering with Far Reaching Ministries, which focuses on training chaplain soldiers who serve in the field. Being a chaplain is a high-risk role; 18 chaplains have been killed in the past few years.

“Where we’re partnering with them is giving them their first-ever mission Cry Christian Resource International Bible, giving them the ability to read about the very God that they’re being martyred for,” Woolford says.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kali Katerberg