WATCH: Filmmakers Jon and Andrew Erwin Discuss Success of “I Can Only Imagine”, Their Career, and Advice for Christians Who Feel God Wants Them to Accomplish a Certain Goal

Filmmakers Jon and Andy Erwin struck box office gold with their movie, “I Can Only Imagine,” a 2018 feature film about Mercy Me frontman Bart Millard’s life story.

The Erwins, who are brothers, have also directed films like “Fully Alive” and “October Baby,” which are both streaming right now on

While the duo had already found success with these movies and other films like “Moms’ Night Out,” they — along with the entire entertainment industry — were shocked when “I Can Only Imagine” released and raked in more than $83 million domestically.

In a recent interview with’s “Pure Talk,” Jon Erwin offered some powerful advice to Christians who are passionate about their craft and feel a prompting from God to accomplish a particular goal: Keep moving forward.

Watch the Erwins discuss “I Can Only Imagine,” their career and much more:

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SOURCE: Christian Post;, Billy Hallowell