Priscilla Shirer Says Christian Leaders Recently Abandoning the Faith is a Fulfillment of Jesus’ Warnings to the Apostles

Some of our Christian leaders are turning from their faith, and although it’s sad, it’s not something that should leave us blindsided, according to Priscilla Shirer.

During an interview with Faithwire on Friday, the author, preacher, and actor said the Bible warns believers “that days will come when even our leaders will fall away, and I think we’re seeing the inklings of those times even now.”

In Matthew 24:10-11, Jesus told his followers: “Many will turn away from me and betray me and hate each other. And many false prophets will appear and will deceive many people.”

“Now is the Time”

“Now is the time more than ever to fortify our spiritual backbone, to know what we believe, to be in the Word of God so that we can stand firm on truth that we actually know — not that we’ve just heard through the grapevine,” Shirer said, adding we need to be able to “defend our faith” in moments like these.

The comments from the star of the forthcoming movie “Overcomer” come after author Joshua Harris, known for his popular book “I Kissed Dating Goodbye,” which he has since denounced, said he is “not a Christian” anymore. Former Hillsong worship leader Marty Sampson has similarly distanced himself from Christianity, saying he is “genuinely losing” his faith.

Shirer went on to explain how important it is for Christians to pass on their faith traditions to their children and grandchildren. She also urged believers to shy away from “watering down the Gospel and the name of Jesus Christ.”

“My boldness in faith today,” she said, “will make an incredible difference to the reality that [my children and grandchildren] will live in tomorrow.”

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Source: CBN