Kirk Cameron Gives Advice to Parents on How to Raise Children in a Social Media-Obsessed World

Kirk Cameron attends the red carpet premiere of “Overcomer” in Atlanta on August 15, 2019. | Leah Klett/The Christian Post

Actor and producer Kirk Cameron says there are three things parents should do to help their children find their identity in Christ in today’s post-modern, social-media obsessed culture. 

“I would tell parents to be the kind of confident, wholehearted, full of faith Christian that you want your children to become,” Cameron told The Christian Post. “Let them see an example in you as a mom or dad.”

“Second, I would advise staying in a relationship with them,” the father-of-six continued. “So many kids that go astray, you look at their relationship with their parents and it’s usually broken. It’s not healthy and strong.”

“Number three, make the word of God the center of your home and what you teach them,” Cameron advised. “Our generation is struggling with this issue of identity. We need to ask ourselves, ‘if this was taken away from me, would I question who I am? Do I define myself by my looks, race, gender, talents or resources? And ultimately, find our sense of identity in who God says we are.”

Cameron spoke with CP at the red carpet premiere of “Overcomer,” the forthcoming Kendrick brothers film starring Priscilla Shirer.

The movie tells the story of a successful high school basketball coach who loses most of his team due to an economic crisis in the community. As he transitions to become the school’s track coach, he struggles with the nature of his identity and what happens when he can no longer find worth in his work. The sports-themed movie asks moviegoers to consider the question: What do you allow to define you?

“I appreciate ‘Overcomer’ because it’s based out of truths in the book of Ephesians,” Cameron said. “The Gospel is central in the movie. It talks about a relevant issue that kids need to think deeply about.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett