Indian Pastor Supposed Dead After Brutal Beating by Hindu Radicals Comes Back to Life


As Hindu radicals continue to wreak havoc on the Indian Christian population, one miraculous story of survival has emerged.

Pastor Tilak is known for his staggeringly effective evangelism ministry — having led some 40 families to Christ. Unfortunately, that put him in the crosshairs of the Naxalites, a Hindu communist insurgency group that wants to eradicate Christianity from India and a revolutionary rule in accordance with its Maoist ideals.

It wasn’t long before the faithful follower of Jesus was captured by the violent group, before being mercilessly beaten,” according to Open Doors USA. “Will you leave your Christian faith or not?” they asked him, offering to cease the punishment if he renounced his faith in Jesus.

“I cannot leave my faith … No,” Tilak boldly replied.

And with that, it seemed that his faith had been sealed.

The attackers bound his arms and legs together, before savagely beating him with a large stick. Tilkak was then forced to crawl up a mountain path, hauling himself through stones and thorns, suffering cuts across his body.

As the beating continued, Pastor Tiklak could feel the strength draining out of his body. Eventually, he slumped to the ground, motionless and, by all accounts, dead.

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SOURCE: Faithwire