Pastor Arthur L. Mackey, Jr. Calls On Key New York Officials to Revoke Teaching Certificate of Tenured Teacher & Tenured Worker in Illegal Racist Nooses Image Display Incident Before School Starts Back in Roosevelt, NY


● Call New York State Governor Andrew Coumo at 1 (518) 474 8390

● Call New York Attorney General Tish James at 1-800-771 7755

● Call New York State Assemblywoman Taylor Darling at 1 (516) 489 6610

● Call New York State Senator John Brooks at 1 (516) 882 0630

● Call New York Department of Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia at 1 (518) 474 5844

● Call Acting New York Department of Education Commissioner Elizabeth Berlin at 1 (518) 473 8381

Ask them to expedite the following matter of great importance to the residents of Roosevelt, New York, as well as the entire watching world.

Revoke the teaching certificate of the tenured teacher involved in the racist nooses image incident at the Roosevelt Middle School before New State Department of Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia officially resigns on August 31, 2019. Please note that the two nontenured Roosevelt Middle School teachers involved in the racist nooses image incident have been fired by the Roosevelt School Board.

New York State law regarding racist nooses specifically states that anyone who “etches, paints, draws upon or otherwise places or displays a noose, commonly exhibited as a symbol of racism and intimidation, on any building or other real property, public or private, owned by any person, firm or corporation or any public agency or instrumentality, without express permission of the owner or operator of such building or real property” is breaking New York state law regarding nooses and that is “aggravated harassment in the first degree which is a class E felony.”

We have mailed out official complaint forms to the New York State Education Department Office of School Personnel Review & Accountability in Albany, New York.

We request that the teaching certificate of the Roosevelt Middle School tenured teacher involved in the unlawful display of a collage with the racist nooses image display featuring the highly offensive statement “Back To School Necklaces”, “Ha Ha”, and “YES” be terminated. This type of behavior is absolutely unacceptable behavior and is unbecoming of a teacher.
400 years after our Black African ancestors were brutally and forcibly brought to America on slave ships and enslaved in America like animals, we will rise again to more effectively move forward and make a major difference as people of color in America. We will not allow America today to become AmeriKKKa and lose her soul to racist White nationalism.
America is multicultural, multi-ethnic, and multiracial, and that is an American asset and not a liability.

Pastor Arthur L. Mackey Jr.
Senior Pastor and Author of “Overcoming the Spirit of Depression” and many other books
Mount Sinai Baptist Church Cathedral
243 Rev. Dr. A. L. Mackey Sr. Avenue
Roosevelt, New York, 11575