Woman’s Missionary Union Launches New Resource for Missions Leaders in Hispanic Churches

Misiones para Todos (Missions for All) is Woman’s Missionary Union’s new, bilingual digital resource for missions leaders in Hispanic churches.

“This resource is the result of much research and great collaboration with Hispanic leaders as we sought to identify missions needs among Hispanic congregations,” said Kristy Carr, senior hub manager, national WMU. “We assembled a task force comprised of a Hispanic pastor and Hispanic leaders around the country who work with various ages in a variety of cultural contexts. Research, along with their invaluable input and much prayer, led to the creation of Missions for All.”

Missions for All is a quarterly resource written primarily by Hispanic missions leaders. Responding to the identified needs of Hispanic audiences, the new resource replaces two print resources that WMU discontinued this year, a magazine called Nuestra Tarea and Planes de trabajo de la UFM, which was an annual resource.

“Missions for All includes many helps for leaders, whether new or experienced,” Carr said. “Some of these articles include digital links to more information. Each quarter there are three Bible studies and three mission studies, and there are two articles each quarter specifically for pastors written by Hispanic pastors.”

As a bilingual digital resource, Missions for All offers the convenience of electronic accessibility along with flexibility to print content, as needed, in either Spanish or English. Each quarter also includes a link to the prayer calendar to pray for missionaries on their birthday and a reader-submitted idea for mission action

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Source: Baptist Press