Ray Comfort on When Christians Still Fear Death

“I am a Christian, I believe in the resurrection and I know that God has taken the sting of death away, but still I fear death, can anyone tell me why?” —Cheryl P.

Let me ask you a few questions that may help you. The first is, are you born again?

That’s essential to salvation (see John 3:1-19). The second question is, between one to ten, how much faith do you have in God? If it’s anything under ten, that’s your problem. Let me explain. Fear and faith are opposites. If you stepped into an elevator in the Empire State Building on the 80th floor with 100% faith in the elevator, you would have zero fear. But if you were fearful that the cables could break, the fear shows that you lack faith in them. Let’s say one of the workers takes you to the back of the elevator and opens a small door to let you see the cables. He shows you eight cables, each with a three-inch diameter that were said to be so strong just one cable could lift a Jumbo Jet. Your eyes widen, and you give a relieved smile. That knowledge gives you 100% faith in the elevator. All fear is gone.

Before anyone is born again, they are blind to the integrity of God. At repentance and faith in Jesus, the Bible says that the eyes of our understanding are “enlightened.” We begin to see God in truth; that He’s without sin and He therefore cannot lie. The Scriptures even say that it’s impossible for Him to lie. So, as a Christian, you need not fear—the cables are ten miles thick. God will never let you down, even in death. You can trust Him with all of your heart.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Ray Comfort