Priscilla Shirer Says the More ‘We Marginalize God, the More We See the Marginalization of the Definitions He’s Created’ and Warns That Society’s Rejection of God Has ‘Staggering Ripple Effects’ on Children

Priscilla Shirer, head of Going Beyond Ministries, is warning parents that society’s growing rejection of biblical truths is going to have a “staggering” effect on future generations. 

To help children grow in knowledge about their Creator and who they are, one of Shirer’s points of advice is to teach children to find their identity in Christ.

“People today are struggling to define themselves; we’re seeing folks redefine things that God has already given definitions for, and it’s because culture continues to move far away from the truths of God as a centerpiece for culture,” Shirer told The Christian Post. “It used to be, even if people weren’t Christians, they respected the basic tenants of Christianity. That’s not the case anymore.

“We now live in a postmodern culture,” she said. “You’re ridiculed for believing that the Bible has morals that are relevant. And the more we marginalize God, the more we see the marginalization of the definitions He’s created. The more society pushes God to the periphery, the more we’re going to see the effects of that.”

Society’s continued rejection of God has had “staggering ripple effects” on children, the mother-of-three said.

“Kids think they are what they feel and how they behave; that their inclinations and past define them,” Shirer continued. “But the Bible said that while those things may be true, they don’t define you. You are who God says you are, and you have the right to operate in that way.”

Shirer, the daughter of famed Pastor Tony Evans, stars in the forthcoming Kendrick brothers film “Overcomer,” opening Aug. 23. The film follows boys’ basketball coach John Harrison, whose team is depleted due to an economic downturn in the community.

Knowing a state championship is no longer within reach and he’s no longer a winning coach, John grows depressed and questions his identity. He grows even more despondent when he’s asked to coach the cross-country team, which has only one runner, Hannah Scott, a quiet girl who’s searching for her identity in life too.

Shirer plays Olivia Brooks, a high school principal who believes compassion, forgiveness, and prayer have the power to change the trajectory of a child’s life. Olivia mentors Hannah, building a relationship with her and helping her discover her potential. Thanks to Olivia’s guidance, Hannah recognizes the importance of God in the development of her identity.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett