Openly Homosexual TV Show Host Andy Cohen Reveals He Regrets Asking Oprah Winfrey ‘If She Had Ever Swum in the Lady Pond,’ By That Meaning If She Had Ever Had Lesbian Sex Before

As likable as he is as an interviewer, Andy Cohen still feels that he’s made at least one slight misstep in his career as host of various TV and radio shows like Watch What Happens Live.

As Friday’s surprise guest on Jerry O’, Cohen stopped by his good friend Jerry O’Connell’s new daytime talk show and participated in Getting Grilled, where he was asked a series of somewhat personal or uncomfortable questions and only had one ‘free pass.’

When Jerry asked him, ‘Do you ever regret asking a guest a shady question?’ Andy didn’t hesitate: ‘Yes, I do. I asked Oprah if she had ever swum in the lady pond.’

Cohen, 51, tilted his head awkwardly as he let the question land with the audience.

He chose that particular wording most probably because that is how he posed it to the media mogul, who he has stated is his favorite guest ever from ten years of hosting Watch What Happens Live.

‘Some people you just can’t touch, and Oprah’s one of them,’ O’Connell joked.

‘Even I’m offended by that, dude!’

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SOURCE: Daily Mail – Dan Heching