Joyce Meyer on God Wants to Make Your Dreams a Reality

God loves you so much, and He has an amazing plan for your life! He’s put dreams and desires in your heart, and Psalm 37:4 (AMP) says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and petitions of your heart.”

But having a dream and actually seeing it through to the finish—giving birth to your dream—are two different things.

It’s easy to start something new. In the beginning, there’s a lot of excitement that motivates you. But when the excitement fades and you don’t really feel like doing what you need to do or it’s inconvenient, that’s when many people give up.

It’s sad to me that so many people never really reach their full potential in life because of this. And there’s an urgency in my heart to help people discover how to do their best so they can have the life of adventure God has for them.

God gives all of us gifts and talents to use. We have to be very careful not to compare ourselves with others and try to be like them or let jealousy take root in our hearts. God wants us to love one another and appreciate the differences He’s created in us so we can each fulfill His unique purpose and glorify Him in the world.

As believers in Christ Jesus, our No. 1 goal should be to be led by the Holy Spirit in every area of our lives. To be a God-pleaser, not a people-pleaser.

When you “delight yourself in the Lord” by spending time with Him in prayer and by studying His Word, the desires of your heart will line up with His will for your life. This is so important in helping us know how to follow God’s dream for our lives.

Sometimes we wonder why God doesn’t give us what we want or answer our prayers. Oftentimes, it’s because those prayers are for things that don’t make sense because we couldn’t handle them.

God gives us grace to use the abilities He’s given us, not what He’s give to someone else.

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SOURCE: Charisma News