Bibles For The World is Providing 150,000 Bibles in 3 Languages for Evangelism Festival in Cape Town, South Africa

This time in August, many people are preparing to go back to school, but John Pudaite from Bibles For The World is planning something a little more unusual; an evangelism festival in South Africa.

Bibles For The World is teaming up with the Luis Palau Association and Africa Enterprise for the upcoming November festival. Each organization has a different part to play in the success of this festival.

This isn’t the first time Bibles For The World has worked with the Luis Palau Association. Their partnership kicked off in 2014 with a festival in Burkina Faso. Since then, they’ve provided Scripture for several of their “various outreaches and festivals that they’ve been having, not only for large public events but coming alongside them as they work in the communities where they’re doing these festivals,” Pudaite says. “[That] includes outreaches to businesses and governments, civic leaders, women’s leaders of the community, as well as prison outreaches, schools, orphanages, things like that, and medical camps and clinics.”

For this event, they’re also partnering with Africa Enterprise, who already has established outreach efforts in Cape Town, South Africa. The Luis Palau Association is sending Andrew Palau, Luis Palau’s son, to speak at the events. Bibles For The World, meanwhile, wants to provide copies of the Gospel of John for every event intender.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Alex Anhalt