Radio Host Meeke Addison Says the Issue of Racial Reconciliation Really Needs ‘a Return to the Word of God as Our Final Authority’

A Christian radio host says when it comes to its role in racial reconciliation in America, the Church shouldn’t be offering “cultural apologies” – instead, she says, it needs to be offering the truths of the Bible.

Radio talk-show host Meeke Addison with American Family Radio contends the Church owes the black community the same thing it owes whites, Asians, Hispanics, and believers globally: the truth.

“The reason we’re asking this question right now is because it’s a popular conversation,” she argues. “It’s not rooted in any belief that the Church owes a certain response because there’s been a move away from biblical truth.

“In fact,” she continues, “if we really wanted to hunker down and talk about what the Body of Christ is in desperate need of, it’s not cultural apologies – it’s a return to the Word of God as our final authority.”

Addison notes that divisions have been within the Church since the Apostle Paul was writing his epistles, and that the Church has always dealt with those internal divisions. But the only reason this division – i.e., What’s the Church’s role in racial reconciliation? – is a topic of discussion now is because it’s trendy, she says.

“Instead of dealing with actual problems that we have within the Church, we are allowing pop culture and political culture, really, to tell us what our problems are,” she tells OneNewsNow.

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Source: One News Now