Teen Vogue Posting Advice for Underage Girls on How to Get an Abortion on Snapchat

Earlier this summer, Teen Vogue published a column advising readers on how to get abortions without their parents ever knowing about it. Now the magazine is posting the same advice to teenage girls on Snapchat.

Laura Klassen, founder of the Canadian pro-life group Choice42, shared screenshots of Teen Vogue‘s Saturday posts on Snapchat promoting their abortion advice for teens. The Snapchat posts featured comments from a column published in the June issue of the online magazine.

“How to get an abortion if you’re a teen,” Teen Vogue‘s Snapchat posts begin.

“How can you go about getting an abortion if you’re under 18? Read on to find out more …” the posts continue.

The snap posts then lead to a column by Nona Willis Aronowitz, who writes about sex and dating at Teen Vogue.

In the column, which The Christian Post previously reported on here, Aronowitz tells her teenager readers: “Having access to abortion should be your right regardless of your parents’ beliefs. Unfortunately, not every state legislature agrees so the first step is knowing our state’s rules when it comes to parental consent.”

Teen Vogue posted the column on Snapchat, telling of a scenario in which a 16-year-old girl gets pregnant and wants to get an abortion, but doesn’t know how to tell her parents who are pro-life.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter