Girl Gangster Who Became One of the Most Vicious Assassins on the Streets of Chicago is Believed to Have Murdered Up to 20 People Before Being Gunned Down at Age 17

By the age of just 17-years-old Gakirah Barnes had built up a feared reputation as one of the most vicious assassins on the streets of Chicago.

The teenager, rumored to have committed her first murder at the age of 14, was reportedly involved in up to 20 gangland deaths, amassing thousands of followers on social media where she spoke about the deaths of friends and gang warfare.

Barnes was known as a ‘young killa’ and went by the names ‘Tyquanassassin’ and ‘Tookaville’kirah’ to the gangs of the city’s notorious South Side going on to become one of the most infamous female gang members in US history.

But as she walked to a friend’s home in in Woodlawn in April 2014 Barnes was shot dead. She has been hit nine times in the chest, neck and jaw.

The Sun reports that Professor Desmond Patton, who studied Gakirah’s online presence, said: ‘She almost didn’t seem real’

‘There was this devilish, monstrous little girl who was going around killing people and that she also talked about on this online,’ he added in the documentary.

A documentary, Secret Life of a Gang Girl, tells the story of Barnes who has gone on to become immortalized in YouTube memorials and rap videos as ‘Lil Snoop’, a reference to the fictional ‘Snoop’ character from TV series The Wire – a cold-blooded killer from the harsh streets of Baltimore.

Barnes, whose own father was shot to death in 1997 when she was less than 12-months old, fell in with a group of young men in her South Side neighborhood of Woodlawn who called themselves the St. Lawrence Boys or the Fly Boy Gang.

Journalist Frank Main told the documentary: ‘Her friends started getting shot and I think that she got sucked into gang life and she realized that’s where she’s going to get respect and honor and the warm fuzzies that other kids get from playing basketball or playing chess or something in high school.’

Although Barnes, who had wanted to be a social worker, was never charged with the murders she is said to have been used by the Gangster Disciples to carry out hits.

Despite her feared reputation her mother Shontell Brown said: ‘She just wanted to protect everybody.’

But following the death of her 15-year-old friend Shondale ‘Tooka’ Gregory when she was just 13-years-old things took a more sinister turn for Barnes.

Gregory, who was shot as he waited for a bus, was mocked by trolls online who added toilet paper into a picture of him in his casket.

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Source: Daily Mail