Cuban Pastor Threatened with Imprisonment if His Church Holds Women’s Conference

Pastor Alain Toledano Valiente

A Cuban pastor has been told he risks imprisonment if his church goes ahead with a planned women’s conference.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) says Alain Toledano Valiente, a leader in the Apostolic Movement, was summoned to appear at the La Motorizada Unit #3 Police Station on August 7, where he was told by the police station commander that if his church went ahead with a planned women’s event on August 8, he would be charged with the crime of disobedience and would risk imprisonment.

Toledano Valiente told CSW that he received the summons on the evening of August 7 and was told to present himself to the police at 10am on August 8. No reason was given for the summons. Upon arriving at La Motorizada Unit #3 Police Station, he was interrogated for almost three hours by the unit commander.

CSW said despite the threats against him, Toledano Valiente indicated that the church would go ahead with the ‘Deborah Conference’ which aims to empower women.

In July, Toledano Valiente was stopped by government agents and blocked from boarding a flight to the US to attend the Ministerial on International Religious Freedom. He is still officially banned from leaving Cuba and his right to move freely within the country is also restricted.

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SOURCE: Assist News