‘Sadist’ Priest Filmed ‘Violently Baptising’ Panic-Stricken Baby is Suspended by Russian Orthodox Church and Faces Police Investigation

A “sadistic” priest has been suspended for a year after a video went viral of  him “violently” baptising a “panic-stricken” baby.

The disturbing footage shows the Russian Orthodox Priest Fotiy Necheporenko forcefully submerging the naked one-year-old boy in the font while the child and her mother scream in terror.

The frightened child was scratched and bruised on his neck and shoulder from the ordeal, it was reported.

Distraught Anastasia Alexeeva, 24, tried to intervene to grab back her child from the wild cleric.

But the 55 year old priest refused and in the fracas the woman’s headscarf almost caught fire on a candle.

“The baby has  scratches on his shoulder and neck,” she said.

“He is afraid of everything now.

“He is in panic and hysteria.”

After she got her shaking son Demid back, the priest told her: “I have been christening children like this for 26 years.”

“He did everything to hurt the child,” said Anastasia.

“He saw that he was big, that it was not possible to dive him into such a small font.

“He had to splash the water on his head.

“But he still decided to do it his way.

“The little one was crying and wriggling.”

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Source: The Sun