Formerly Homosexual Hollywood Designer Becket Cook Describes ‘Road to Damascus’ Conversion in New Book ‘A Change of Affection: a Gay Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption to Christianity’

Becket Cook, author of the new book “A Change of Affection: A Gay Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption” was living every artist’s dream. After breaking away from Dallas, Texas and moving to Hollywood, California, Becket launched what would become a prosperous career in showbusiness.

If you would’ve told him that one day he’d be a devoted Christian who adhered to the Biblical view of sexuality and be a Christian author, he very well might’ve thrown his coffee at you. But that’s exactly – and miraculously – what happened.

After stints as a writer and doing a number of creative jobs behind the scenes, Becket eventually landed on set design. He partied and befriended many celebrities, and got to satisfy his creative itch by collaborating with some of the most creative people on the planet.

He was also strongly rooted in his sexual identity as a gay man and appreciated being in an area where his lifestyle wasn’t given a second thought. Despite a career marked with wild success, mingling with the famous and powerful, and traveling the world — Becket would have bouts of lingering emptiness, that seemed odd considering he seemingly had it all.

“Christians, to me, were always the enemy,” Becket told Faithwire Managing Editor Dan Andros during a recent podcast. “Because they believed that who I was, was wrong. I always felt like I could never be a part of that club, and that I don’t want to be a part of that club. The longer I lived in L.A. the more God became not even a thought in my mind. By the time I was in that coffee shop in 2009, I was a practical atheist.”

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Becket is referring to a chance encounter with some Bible-wielding Christians at a coffee shop in Los Angeles, a sight that stood out because virtually “no one” carried around a Bible in that area. The series of events that were about to unfold would’ve been a script for a comedy, in Becket’s mind. Him? A Christian? Never.

“All that stuff is a fairy tale,” Becket said of his belief about God and Jesus during that time. “And I was happy to believe that because I didn’t want anything impeding my life and my sexuality. I was happy to not believe in God,” he said.

Little did he know, his entire world was about to be turned upside down. While grabbing coffee with a friend, who was also gay, Becket noticed something.

“We saw this man walk out on the patio with a big, hardcover book in his hand. On the spine, it said ‘Romans’ and we kind of looked at each other like ‘what the heck?’” It stood out because, as Becket says, he had never seen a Bible out in public in L.A. before. And before their very eyes were not one, but an entire group of people at the shop all reading their Bibles. To Becket, it was like seeing Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster.

Intrigued, and also wanting to engage in a bit of trollery, they approached these Christians and started asking questions.

“Are you guys, like Christians? So, like, what do you believe?” These Christians were more than happy to answer this line of questioning. The conversation lingered on for a couple of hours, and Becket’s friend eventually gave up and left.

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Source: CBN