Benjamin Gill on the Satanic Hatred Behind Mass Shootings

Image credit: Connor Betts (AP Photo)

Sadly, here we are again. America roiled by more senseless violence, more wanton bloodshed and tragedy. What solutions have we come up with? Name-calling, race-baiting, and finger-pointing. That’s it so far.

The coverage by the secular media has been wall-to-wall. But as usual, the most important point has been ignored: It’s the spiritual element behind every mass shooting. Many in the media don’t do religion – they don’t seem to get the fact that there’s a spirit realm and that evil is a real thing. And some on the Left consistently mock “thoughts and prayers” from well-meaning Christians.

We all share one thing though. We’re all deeply frustrated and heartbroken by the injustice and tragic loss of life, and we’re all seeking answers. But a worldview without God is a worldview that stumbles around in the dark looking for solutions that can’t be found.

Sure, there could be some benefit to revising laws if they can actually address the problems of our world. Clearly, government is ordained by God, and laws are essential for civilized society. So don’t hear me wrong. I’m not targeting the existence of laws, or particular laws aimed at specific crises. And this is not a pro-gun or anti-gun commentary. That’s not the point.

As humanity consistently rejects the laws of God, we’re always looking to replace them with our own laws that seem right in our own eyes. Some of them actually work, because they’re unwittingly based on God’s deeper truths. But mostly, they fail to address the actual problem because laws don’t change hearts.

On the one hand, the obvious evil of racism is hard to miss in the El Paso shootings. If you’re not possessed by hatred and evil, you know that much. But even an innate, God-given knowledge that hating other humans because of their skin color or country of origin is wrong, doesn’t fully connect the dots. I guess most people understand you can’t ban hatred, so controlling guns seems like something tangible. Better resources for mental health seems good too. But the intangible reality of the origins of hate calls for a spiritual answer.

While the El Paso shooting had so much obvious hate and played perfectly into the leftist political narrative, the motive behind the Dayton mass shooting wasn’t as clear at first, so it hasn’t caught as much attention. But bits and pieces have trickled out about the kind of hatred that possessed Connor Betts. And when I say it “possessed” him, I’m being intentional. Exposing his dark secrets actually shines light on the true heart of the problem behind all mass shootings. Evil is a real thing.

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Source: CBN