2 Christian Missions That Aim to Lift People Up After Mass Shootings

Greg Zanis prepares crosses to place in memory of victims at a makeshift memorial for victims of a mass shooting at a shopping complex Monday, Aug. 5, 2019, in El Paso, Texas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

With America seemingly rocked by a steady stream of violence, two ordinary men are on two not-so-ordinary missions, looking to combat tragedies in their own unique ways.

Crosses for Losses: Showing Love to One Another

As the country tries to make sense of last weekend’s mass shootings, one man is on a mission to make sure the victims are remembered. Greg Zanis is doing that by setting up crosses with the names of each victim.

This week, Greg Zanis traveled to El Paso and then to Dayton to set up crosses for the nine killed there.

“If you are a victim in a mass shooting, immediately you are one of nine. Understand today, I’m making these 9 people a family together,” he said. “I’m also making the city a family here. And the way I’m doing it, it really brings the country together.”

Greg has been traveling the country, setting up crosses for victims since the late nineties. Since then he has made more than 21,000 crosses in an effort to bring healing and hope.

When asked why he travels around, doing what he does, Greg simply says, “We need to show that we love one another.”

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Source: CBN