Texas Rangers Ban Fan from Stadium for Racist Comments toward Hispanic Family

A man accused of directing racist taunts toward a Hispanic family in the stands of a Texas Rangers home game last week has been identified and banned from the stadium.

The team announced the indefinite banishment on Friday while providing no further statement. The man has not been publicly identified.

Racist taunts exposed in Facebook post

The harassment was exposed when Jessica Romero of Forth Worth, Texas, posted a Facebook image of the unidentified fan in the stands flipping her family the middle finger while sitting in the stands during Saturday’s game against the Detroit Tigers.

The post went viral in the aftermath of the Walmart massacre in El Paso, Texas earlier in the day that saw 22 people killed by an alleged gunman who police say has since said that he was targeting Mexicans.

‘Kick little Speedy Gonzalez out’

In the post, Romero detailed the alleged taunts her family and other Hispanics in their section were subject to, including the man saying “kick that little Speedy Gonazlez back to Mexico” while urging President Donald Trump to “hurry and build the wall.”

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SOURCE: Yahoo! Sports, Jason Owens