Rob Schwarzwalder on Why We Should Remain Faithful to Christ Who Will Never Fail Even Amid Christian Leaders’ Moral Failings

From kissing goodbye to not dating to eating LGBT “rainbow donuts,” Josh Harris is full of surprises these days. 

Surprises and, for believers, news of great sadness.

And more than feeling sadness, some believers have been shaken by Harris’s defection from the faith and decision to divorce his wife. Understandably so. His ministry has been national and his books widely-read.

Harris is not the only Christian leader who, in recent years, has either abandoned his faith or been shown to be walking in hypocrisy. James McDonald, Ted Haggard, and Bill Hybels are but three memorable examples.

Should the failings of some leaders shake our own confidence in Christ?

First, the Bible’s answer is a clear “no.” Consider David, the “man after God’s own heart.” He had Uriah murdered, committed adultery, and, as a young man, was a ferocious warrior. The Lord told David that his hands were too bloody to build His temple.

Yet David always repented and was used by God in so many ways. He wrote inspired Psalms millions read every day. He was a man of great faith in his King and Commander who acted with bravery and faithfulness. He raised a son who became “the wisest man on earth.”

There are many other similar examples, including the disciples who fled from Jesus at His moment of greatest trial but who then came back to Him. Under the power of His Spirit, they “turned the world upside down” with the Gospel.

The issue for these men was repentance. They turned from their rebellion to their Lord and submitted again to Him. Like prodigal sons, they came back to the embrace of their Father and once again enjoyed both His fellowship and their usefulness to Him.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Rob Schwarzwalder