Pastors in Asia with Bikes Can be Twice the Blessing to Their Flock

Although Pastor Jahansuz tried to encourage every believer, it was impossible at times. One particular village was located five and a half miles away from his home. The pastor began to pray for the Lord’s provision, and he even asked the believers to pray with him.

Gospel For Asia (GFA) says in a ministry update, the Lord listened, and He provided after six years of persevering prayer.

Pastor Jahansuz was given a heavy-duty bicycle through the generosity of people like you! Finally, the pastor was able to do what he wanted: minister to his flocks.

“Since the pastor did not own a bicycle, he struggled a lot,” Abarja, one of the believers said. “We live in far places, and due to that, he could not visit us. But now, by God’s grace, the pastor is able to visit us and is encouraging us to grow in the Lord.”

Pastor Jahansuz’s bicycle brought immediate blessing, both to his ministry and life. Before, the pastor was only able to visit those within a six-mile radius, but now that range has almost doubled!

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SOURCE: Assist News