Spanish Police Join With Christian Association A21 to Fight Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

Presentation of the awareness campaign against human trafficking. / Guardia Civil

The general director of the Civil Guard (one of the biggest groups of the Spanish law enforcement), Félix Azón, and the director of the Christian abolicionist association A21 Spain, Loida Muñoz, presented an awareness campaign against human trafficking, forced labor and sexual exploitation.

The aim of this campaign is the prevention of human trafficking by raising awareness and protecting victims in shelters and transition homes.

It also pursues the prosecution of traffickers and the strengthening of the legal response, as well as the association with security forces, individuals and corporations, law enforcement and state and other organisations.

The general director stressed the importance of promoting, through initiatives such as this one, the elimination of any type of forced work that comes from the perverse action of criminal organizations and groups.

Azón thanked A21 for responding to those needs, as well as for its collaboration with the Civil Guard.

He also addressed the victims, to whom this campaign is essentially oriented, to help them be aware of their situation of vulnerability and encourage them, where appropriate, to denounce.

The police branch and A21 also presented an information leaflet for possible victims, called “Passport to indicators of trafficking”, in which the main indicators of human trafficking are explained in a simple way, so that victims can recognise them and be aware of their circumstances.

Along with the indicators, the brochure makes an invitation to the victims and to all those who are aware of any case of trafficking or slave labor, to inform the Civil Guard about it.

It has a passport format and the content is translated in nine languages (Spanish, English, French, Romanian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Russian, Chinese and Arabic), all included in the same brochure, so that it can be distributed to all types of people, all across the country.

The languages have been chosen based on the languages spoken by the victims of human trafficking in Spain, since many times they do not speak Spanish, due to the isolation brought by the traffickers.

The distribution will be carried out by the Civil Guard, during inspections in particularly sensitive places, rural areas or brothels, as well as in places where foreigners usually go, such as ports or airports.

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SOURCE: Evangelical Focus