Hungary’s Government Warns That ‘Christianophobia is the Last Acceptable Form of Discrimination’ and Urges Global Organizations to ‘be Brave Enough to Speak About It Openly’

Christians must speak up for other Christians, says a Hungarian official in the wake of a speech he gave July 26 at the 2019 Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom in Washington, D.C.

In a newly tweeted summary of his speech, Tristan Azbej, Hungary’s state secretary for the aid of persecuted Christians, “sadly” reported that “Christianity is the most persecuted religion, all over the Earth.”

Azbej reported that “[e]ighty percent of the people who are persecuted for their faith in the world are Christians,” calling the global persecution of Christians “one of the greatest security challenges in the world today.”

Azbej cited numbers on Christian persecution:

  • 245,000,000 Christians are being persecuted all over the world, meaning every ninth man and woman who are Christian are under persecution
  • 11 Christians are being killed every day all over the world
  • 1,266 churches were either ruined or attacked during the last year

The Hungarian state secretary also urged international organizations to shun “hypocrisy and political correctness” in regards to Christian persecution and “be brave enough to speak about it openly, honestly and in a straightforward manner.”

The secretary said, looking at discussions going on in the European media or among the political elite, “[Y]ou have to see that Christianophobia is being portrayed as if it was the last acceptable form of discrimination.”

He noted that in the many declarations and resolutions of international organizations, “you will hardly find any reference to tortures and challenges, which the Christian communities have to face all over the world.”

There is “a wall of silence” surrounding the persecution of Christians, Azbej lamented.

Azbej’s self-introduction at the ministerial provoked immediate applause: “My title is State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians. I believe I am the only government official in the world with this title.”

The Hungarian leader also pointed to the Hungarian Constitution, starting with references to “God,” which he says speaks to “the role of Christianity in preserving the Hungarian nation.”

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SOURCE: Church Militant, Martina Moyski