Nancy Armour Opinion: Gymnastics Champion Simone Biles Puts Critics in Their Place with ‘GOAT’ Leotard

Simone Biles has mastered the art of speaking volumes without saying a word.

Biles wore a leotard with a goat on the back at Wednesday’s training session for the U.S. gymnastics championships. It was her way of answering the critics who called her “cocky” for wearing a leotard with her name on the back at a qualifying meet last month.

“We were seeing all these comments and figured, if the haters can take a jab, we can do a jab back, but in a good way. In a fun way,” Biles said. “So that’s how we came up with the leo.”

GOAT, of course, is the acronym for “greatest of all time.” And if there’s any athlete deserving of that title, it’s Biles.

She won five medals at the Rio Olympics, four of them gold, including the all-around crown. She has more titles at the world championships than any other gymnast, male or female, and is likely to surpass Vitaly Scherbo’s record for total medals at this year’s event in Stuttgart, Germany.

Oh, she’s also won every meet she’s entered dating to the U.S. championships in 2013.

Yet some were offended that Biles would wear a personalized leotard at the U.S. Classic. Never mind that Shawn Johnson used to have “SJ” on her leotards. Or that the original plan was for the entire team from her gym, the World Champions Centre, to have their names on their leotards until they realized that one gymnast’s name was too long.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Nancy Armour