What’s Going on? Catholic School Student, 16, is Arrested for Posting Racist Videos of Himself Using Real Guns While ‘Pretending to Shoot at Black People’

A 16-year-old student at a South Carolina Catholic school has been arrested for posting racist videos of himself threatening to ‘shoot up’ his high school.

Robert Loia, the principal of Cardinal Newman School in Columbia said the student was expelled in July after school officials discovered multiple ‘racist’ videos that showed him ‘pretending to shoot at black people’.

In one video, the student used real guns to shoot a box of Jordan shoes, saying he ‘hated black people’ and that ‘they are stinky’.

The teenager also used the N-word in the videos.

According to Loia, the first video surfaced on July 13 when school officials were contacted by a parent of a student who was included on a group text message that contained ‘threatening racist videos’.

Loia said they immediately reported the videos to the Richland County Sheriff’s Department.

‘Law enforcement immediately began an investigation into whether the racist videos that evening constituted a criminal act and determined they did not,’ Loia said in a letter to students and parents.