How to Be the Best Elder Sister for Your Younger Sibling(s)

An elder sister is a gift from God who brings love, care, and support in her younger sibling’s life. When the entire world is not ready to understand an individual, including his or her parents, then she is the one who always stands by her sibling at every stage of life. So, as a girl, if you are blessed with younger siblings then understand the hidden meaning of this word and be a good elder sister to your younger brother or sister. Do not miss the chance to play a vital role in their life by proving yourself to be the best elder sister in the world. Here are some tips and tricks mentioned below which will help you in becoming an ideal elder sister.

Be A Mentor

Being an elder sister it is your responsibility to guide your younger siblings at every phase of life. Be available for your younger siblings and listen to them carefully so that you can give them good advice. Your advice and guidelines will help them to get rid of all kinds of problems in life.

Set A Good Example

In every family, the youngsters follow the elders and want to be like them. So, if you are the eldest one among all your siblings then be careful about all your activities like study, manners, behavior, etc. Because your younger brothers and sisters are going to follow you.

Surprise Them With Gifts Occasionally

Special occasions give you opportunities to prove your love for your younger sibling(s). For instance, if it is a day of celebrating sibling’s love i.e. Raksha Bandhan then buy a beautiful Rakhi online and delicious sweets for your younger brother and/or sister and tie the holy thread by sweetening their mouth with a favorite sweet. Moreover, their birthday is also a great time to shower them with all your love and surprises.

Always Be Supportive

Your younger brother and sister might need your help and support in various stages of life. They may need your help in making decisions too. So, make them feel comfortable to share and ask you anything. Your gentle support will help them grow and make good decisions in life.

Give Them A Motherly Care

It is said that an elder sister is a second mother. So, you can play the role of mother in their lives in the absence of your mother at home. Prove yourself as the best elder sister and take all responsibilities of taking care of them. It will make your siblings feel the warmth of your love and care heartily.

Compromise For The Sake of Their Happiness

If your small sacrifices bring a big smile on your younger sibling’s face then doing it with an open heart is not a big deal. Your small sacrifices will make a big place for you in your sibling’s heart. So, play a great role as an ideal elder sister in your younger sibling’s life and win their heart for a lifetime.

Keep In Touch When You Are Not Together

If you do not live with your siblings then always try to get connected to them. Make a voice call or video call or send a text to them. These small and easy steps of yours to make contact with your youngsters will make them feel your loving, caring, and supporting nature. It makes them believe that you are always available to them no matter how far away you are staying.