El Paso Walmart Mass Shooter’s Older Brother is ‘Hurting’ and ‘Overwhelmed’ Say Friends Who Reveal He Was Engaged to a Mexican Woman

Patrick Crusius mugshot

The half-brother of white supremacist gunman Patrick Crusius is said to be ‘hurting’ and ‘overwhelmed’ by the horrifying El Paso massacre.

Austin Crusius, 30, a mortgage broker who lives in northern California and shares a father with the Walmart shooter, is equally shocked by the racist nature of the killings – having once had a Hispanic fiancée, DailyMail.com can reveal.

His younger brother Patrick Crusius, 21, is accused of killing 22 and injuring 24 in a devastating mass shooting on Saturday in El Paso, Texas, after posting a white supremacist manifesto online in which he said he was targeting Hispanic people.

A colleague at Austin’s office in Roseville, California told DailyMail.com he had not been into work on Monday, saying: ‘He’s hurting.’

Austin’s mother Allison Stahl, a realtor in the small town just outside Sacramento, was once married to the shooter’s dad Bryan Crusius and they had Austin together in 1988.

Bryan went on to remarry and have Patrick, his twin sister Emily and an older son Blake after splitting with Allison.

Speaking about the family, the colleague said: ‘They’re pretty much staying away from everyone right now. He’s not saying anything to us either.’

She added that she had no idea how well Austin knew his younger brother who lived more than 1,700 miles away in Allen, Texas, saying: ‘I don’t know – he’s just not coming in (to work) that’s for sure.’

Another colleague said: ‘A lot of stuff’s happened today and it’s just been a tough day.’

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Source: Daily Mail