A 72-Year-Old El Paso Shooting Survivor Who Says He Went Into Shock and Was Taken Away in a Child’s Wheelchair is Now Searching for Its Owner

A survivor of Saturday’s mass shooting in El Paso was taken away from the scene in a child’s wheelchair. Now, he’s hoping to reunite it with its owner.

Jose Luis Gutierrez, 72, was shopping for groceries at Walmart when the gunman began his attack, said his sister-in-law, Lorena Pacheco. Gutierrez was not wounded, but he went into a state of shock.

A police officer put Gutierrez into the wheelchair, thinking it belonged to him, and took him out of the store.

Gutierrez regained his composure and told Pacheco that he remembered seeing a parent grab their child out of the wheelchair and run off in the chaotic first moments of the incident.

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SOURCE: CNN, Gabriel Kinder and Scottie Andrew