President Trump to Visit El Paso on Wednesday After Mass Shooting Even Though Congresswoman Doesn’t Want Him There

President Donald Trump will visit El Paso on Wednesday, in the aftermath of a mass shooting that authorities say was carried about out by a white supremacist, Mayor Dee Margo told reporters on Monday.

News of the planned visit has been met with mixed response in a city still reeling from an attack at a Walmart on Saturday that left 22 people dead and more than two dozen wounded.

Margo has previously criticized the President, saying he was wrong that a border barrier was responsible for El Paso’s drop in crime and calling the rhetoric on the wall “ridiculous.”

“I want to clarify for the political spin that this is the Office of the Mayor of El Paso in an official capacity welcoming the Office of the President of the United States, which I consider is my formal duty,” Margo said at a press conference.

The mayor dismissed criticism he was receiving for welcoming the President from those angry about the administration’s immigration policy.

“We’re not dealing with that right now. We’re dealing with a tragedy of 22 people who have perished by an evil, hateful act of a white supremacist that has no bearing or belong in El Paso,” Margo said. “…I guess for people who have lots of time on their hands, I will deal with their emails and phone calls.’

The mayor said he planned to ask Trump to provide any and all federal resources that are available.

“Recovery is no small task,” Margo said.”Together we will rise out of this tragedy,” Margo said.

The toll in the massacre rose Monday to 22 people killed and more than two dozen injured, and it was one of three major mass shootings across the US in the past week.

But even among that horrific trio, the shooting Saturday in El Paso stood out as a domestic terrorist attack designed to inspire fear among Hispanic immigrants to the US. The attack took place at a spot along the US-Mexico border frequented by Mexicans, and it was carried out by authorities say by a man who posted a political document explaining his hatred of immigrants and race-mixing.

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SOURCE: CNN, Christina Maxouris, Nicole Chavez, Eric Levenson and Amir Vera